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This is our answer to hard times and disposable fashion. We understand there is almost no point in buying a new frock right now but we all still want to look good, right? Try our rental option where for the fraction of the price you can wear some fabulous dresses.

HOW Browse the HIRE section on our website, pick what you love and select the time and choose a delivery option. Once paid your garment will be despatched!

HOW LONG FOR Minimum of 3 days, maximum of 14.

IN CASE OF DAMAGE We understand accidents happen so don’t worry too much. We offer an optional insurance fee of £7 at checkout which is for full cover (does not include loss) so that you can rent completely worry-free.

CLEANING It is very important that you DON’T ATTEMPT to clean/repair the item yourself! all-caps but this is a big thing for us. Our office handles all of the cleaning and pressing of the garments, making them look as good as new.

IN CASE OF LOSS We love our garments and care about them a lot, so in case of outright loss, we will, unfortunately, have to charge the full market value.

LATE RETURN We are tough but fair. There might be someone who loves the dress you had as much as you and waiting for it patiently so if you return an item late, you will incur a £25 per day late fee. To avoid this, return items to us no later than the date that is specified on your order form.

EXTENDING RENTAL PERIOD If you love your rental and wish to keep it longer contact us and we will be able to help you extend your booking if the garment is free.

TO GOOD TO LET GO We love the fact that you love your rental! They are all available for sell so get in touch with us and we will see if we can sell it to you. Lots of our rentals are bright new!